Says Who???


I was watching a favorite television program this morning while I drank my coffee. The topic was about female body image. You know what I mean… weight, hair, cellulite, wrinkles and so on. The host and her guests, four ladies in probably their late thirties and early forties, were discussing all these issues and then some. The general consensus seemed to be that in order to support a strong feminist attitude  you should not conform to society’s standards regarding appearance. A couple of the women had let all of their body hair grow out, and one had embraced her cellulite and sagging skin by posting pictures of her “cottage cheese” thighs in a bikini. It got me thinking about how I felt on the topic.

I have a confession! Even though I strongly support women’s rights, I am not about to grow out my underarms and leg hair. b3bc40e4c667475dcf5a8033ee651da2


Hell, it bothers me that my eyebrows are thinning, but I have a healthy crop of upper-lip and chin hairs. I am kind of wondering if that is where eyebrow hair sags to as we age. It doesn’t help that my poor eyesight makes it difficult to see this new crop, so I sometimes need to rely on that dreaded magnifying mirror.

It makes me kind of laugh when I think back to my early teenage years. Shaving my legs and armpits seemed like a coming of age event. There were lots of little nicks and cuts until I got the hang of it, but I loved the silky feel and look of clean-shaven legs. It never occurred to me that I was giving in to men’s expectations.

For me personally, removing my body hair has absolutely nothing to do with my opinions about women’s rights or conforming to social norms. I simply like the way it looks. It makes me feel fresh and clean. 98816aa3d6dab787462b3ffa8928d100






We all remember the feminist “bra-less” movement which was then followed by the “top-less” protest. Those women were taking a stand! No one was going to tell them what to do. Men loved it. I really found it amusing in that women had been going topless on the beaches in Europe for years previously. No big deal! Not to mention, in cold weather, my bra keeps that sensitive area warm. Let’s face it, no one is fighting to go topless in the dead of winter where I live.


It’s interesting how societal conventions morph over time. Men have picked up on our fascination with hair removal. They are waxing and shaving their parts like never before, and I am not referring to only gay men as some may think. Body builders are doing it to show off their muscle definition better; some feel it makes certain areas more sensitive during sex. Do silky smooth testicles make them less masculine? Of course not! It is simply a matter of taste. e7d08f868acbea2b7dd1c2ed87f88d5a






As I listened to the young women on the show make their points, I couldn’t help but think they should be using their voices, not their unshaven pits or dimpled butts, to promote women . Ladies we are smart! Let’s use ours brains to fight for equality. That old adage, “Looks are only skin deep”, still holds true.


Thanks for reading,

Penny xo

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