Pssst! Password?


Yesterday, I spent an endless amount of time trying to log into my online banking. The computer kept telling me that my password was incorrect. I persisted, but no luck. I eventually had to call the “Help” line and get assistance. My frustration level was over the top because I needed to transfer funds immediately, and it was of course past regular banking hours. It started me thinking about all the places where we need passwords today.

Why can’t I remember???


Growing up, the only password I ever needed was the three number combination for my high school locker. I would use the same three numbers all year, but by the end of summer vacation, I would have forgotten at least one of them necessitating the purchase of a new lock for my locker. After the second year of forgetting, my mother insisted I write it down. I guess she envisioned a draw full of unusable combination locks by the time my brother and I finished school.

The world today is controlled by passwords. For me, I think the first actual password or pin that I had to remember was connected to my first bank card. Everyone seemed so nervous of a card that was attached to all your bank funds and seemed protected by only a secret pin number. Today the world revolves around passwords.

I grew quite comfortable using my card, and took my banks advice and changed the pin number from time to time. One day while paying for groceries, I confidently slipped my card in the machine, and my mind went completely blank. I tried every pin number that I had ever had, I think. No luck! The line behind me grew longer. Others offered suggestions… your birth year, your kid’s birthday, your anniversary. Nothing worked. I was panicked and embarrassed. I had no other money  in my purse, and was not carrying my credit card. Just as I was about to give up, I took a final stab at the buttons. Eureka!

When I got home, I decided to take my mother’s advice and I wrote the pin down on a piece of paper which I slipped into the back of my wallet. I now have a small book with all the passwords that I use. Please do not let me ever lose it!

As an aging woman with questionable memory retention, passwords are most definitely a stumbling block. Think of all the things that require passwords: bank cards, credit cards, house alarms, garage openers, car door openers,  computers, online shopping sites, cell phones, internet connections, PayPal, cable companies, and many more. I just love when you are signing up for yet another service requiring a password and the instructions say ” a minimum of 8 characters, must include 1 upper case, 1 lower case, a number, and a symbol”. What the hell!!!! My mind is already on overload.

The idea of being fitted with a chip under your skin to replace all those passwords seemed absurd to me at one time, but about now, it is looking like a great alternative to taxing my memory space.

dadc49fac003d9684bbf51dbfa6a5a27   I wonder if she needs a password?


Thanks for reading,

Penny xo

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