Wrinkles and Other Stuff

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought or even said out loud, “Whoa! How did that happen?”. I know I have. Aging just seems to sneak up on us. Now we all know that individual who never seems to change or look older, but they see the changes too. Perhaps, they are just better at hiding those telltale  signs from the rest of us.

I think the scariest piece of beauty equipment that I own is this little device below.



That’s right! It’s the dreaded magnifying mirror. When I have to use it, I try never to look at my whole face at once. It’s  terrifying!!! I just kind of sneak up on the area I need to work on, like chin hairs for example.

Don’t you just love the hunt for chin hairs? I swear they spring up overnight. Sometimes they are dark and easier to find, but now as I get older, they are white. I run my finger over my skin to feel for them. It’s like Braille. Then I have to be a contortionist with my face to expose them for plucking using another tool of torture…. tweezers. Ugh!

Once we have our face cleared of unwanted chin hair, there is the mustache. Please do not shave! There are any number of do-it- yourself products on the market such as depilatories and sugars or  waxes. Of course, you can always have it removed at a salon. I tend to like to remove it myself. For some reason, I like to feel I am in control of my own pain. Pick your own method, but don’t neglect this area.


Once our facial skin is smooth, we are ready to tackle those wrinkles and age spots. It always reminds me of spackling a crack in a plaster wall. No matter what your age, there is no denying the importance of a good face cream and there is no shortage of products at all price points. Those products promise us the fountain of youth in a jar, but we know their limitations. After all, we weren’t born yesterday. A product that I have found that helps is……



I use it after I have moisturized. The creases around my eyes seem considerably less visible, and the skin feels like satin making foundation glide on easily.

We all have our own individual make-up routines for eyes. They are my favourite part, and I don’t feel complete without doing them, but many people prefer a natural look which is great too. Do your own thing ladies!

Lips make me crazy. Where do they go when we age? Mine seem to shrink with each passing year. I am not into Botox or fillers, so I have taken to over-drawing them. Before you get some scary picture in your mind, I keep it very minimal. Experiment with your own, if this is a problem you have as well.


Well, I have shared my own issues about my aging face, but we all know the problems don’t stop there. As one of my girls put it, “I use to look at my naked body in the mirror and see Perky, Pointy, and the Black Cat. Now, I see Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail.” Add to that the moles and skin-tags that grow in profusion like barnacles on a boat, and you get the picture. We don’t have to like it, but we might as well accept it. Smile, those wrinkles are coming anyway.

Thanks for reading,

Penny xo

4 thoughts on “Wrinkles and Other Stuff

  1. I was exploring for chin hairs, “witch hairs” according to my sister, as I opened your blog, so the topic is delightfully timely. Somehow it turns on the happy button when other ladies of an age admit to the challenges of dealing with disappearing lips and magnifying mirrors – a must-have after cataract surgery. My daily moisture cream is St. Ives Collegan Elastin, but I plan to try yours. Keep the good news coming! ❤️

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  2. Hmmm…all of the above is all too familiar. First..because I am lazy I have never used soap on my face. Just a splash of H2O and a dry scrub with a wet face cloth. The only soap that I get is what washes onto my face from shampoo. Next…face cream. Thirty years ago I invested in Biotherm Lift and Blur. It cost a fortune, now around $85 but it has been worth it. I use it in the morning and because I am lazy, half the time I don’t even wash my face at night. I know, pathetic! But a jar of this lovely cream lasts me 3 months.
    Eyes…not an issue. I used to have bushy black brows and was too lazy to ever pluck them so now I don’t have to worry because like other parts of my body, my hairs are thinning, except of course the chin hairs. I never use mascara because I’m an eye rubberfrom way back in my allergy years.👁
    Because I’m a picker by nature, like the howler monkeys 🐒 I get great satisfaction and relaxation from the down time I have with my trusty tweezers.
    The lips well yes, this has been a drag. But I have been using mauve and pink lipstick, the frostier the better. 💄

    Hair? A gift from my mother! Silver grey and kind of curly. With a good haircut I have saved a fortune from no colouring.

    The rest is a crap shoot! I’m glad for all that I have…
    Thin ankles,good teeth , nice skin.
    Even better, a wealth of great friends, sense of humour, a wonderful family and husband, my car keys 🔑 and the health to allow me to make it to 70 years young.

    Cathy Black

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